Honda Project 2&4 Could Be Japan’s New Atom Rival

Honda’s Global Design Project has turned up this: the Honda Project 2&4 bare-bones track performer which is set to go on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Powered by Honda’s RC213V 999cc MotoGP motorcycle engine which is mid-mounted, the 2&4 weighs just 405kg and will rocket from 0-100km/h in… well, Honda won’t say.

Honda has also remained tight-lipped on the 2&4’s top speed, but with 158kW and 118Nm available from a V-4 four-stroke engine that can rev to 14,000 RPM, we’re guessing it won’t be slow (to state the obvious).

Power reaches the rear wheels via a six-speed DCT gearbox, and the 2&4 measures 3040mm long, 1820mm wide and 995mm high.

Styling could easily be linked to the Ariel Atom, but instead, Honda says the 2&4 was inspired by its RA271 Formula 1 racer from 1965.

The driver sits ‘next to’ the car in a ‘floating’ seat, rather than in it, and is aided by a futuristic Perspex-style see-through instrument cluster display screen.

Otherwise, the driver is very much on their own with no windscreen, doors, mirrors or roll hoop beyond the top of the racing seat.

There’s no enormous front or rear wings either, and the Bridgestone tyres lean more towards sporting tyres for the road, rather than track-special semi-slicks.

Honda has announced no plans to put the 2&4 into production.

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