Honda Project 2&4 concept revealed as MotoGP-powered open-wheeler

Honda Project 2&4 concept revealed as MotoGP-powered open-wheeler

Honda has shown off its new MotoGP V4-powered Project 2&4 concept this week ahead of an unveiling at the Frankfurt motor show.

Revealed as the winning design of a Global Design Project held across Honda’s styling offices, the Project 2&4 is presented as a compact open-wheeled racer.

The concept’s styling is inspired by the Honda RA272 racer from 1965, brought into the present with a wide design and futuristic new lines.


Interestingly, the concept features an exposed floating design for the driver’s seat, creating a more “immersive experience” for the 2&4’s pilot.

Power in the 2&4 is provided by a version of Honda’s RC213V motorcycle engine, developed for MotoGP racing and modified in this concept for use on public roads – which suggests Honda could be considering a (heavily modified) production version of the 2&4.

Matched to a six-speed dual-clutch transmission, the V-4 four-stroke engine delivers 158kW at an atmospheric 13,000rpm, with peak torque of “over” 118Nm delivered at 10,500rpm.


Although not exactly buckets of power, those figure are likely more than enough to give the featherweight 405kg Project 2&4 some serious mojo.

Honda has yet to offer any specific performance numbers, although it has promised a full rundown at the coming Frankfurt motor show.

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