Honda-Powered Mazda MX-5 Is One Fine Track Toy

Whether you like it or not, people love to perform engine swaps on the Mazda MX-5, and this one is no exception.

The specimen we have here is a second-gen Miata that went into surgery and got itself a new Honda heart for bigger thrills. The 2.4-litre K24 engine is tuned to make 248hp, allowing the MX-5 to move around in a much faster way than Mazda wanted, letting the driver to really enjoy its balanced chassis.

The engine is still mated to a Mazda six-speed manual gearbox while the Mazda Torsen diff is still in its place, splitting the power between the rear wheels. The conversion kit is a bolt-in affair according to who sells them, making this one of the most trouble-free engine swaps you can perform on this popular model.

Matt Farrah liked it, but then who wouldn’t like a 250hp naturally aspirated Miata?


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