Honda plans to boost production of its HR-V subcompact crossover

Honda plans to boost production of its HR-V subcompact crossover image

The Japanese automaker wants to meet the high demand for SUVs and crossovers in the United States by making some production adjustments.

As US car buyers are asking for more SUVs and crossovers, Honda has reiterated its commitment to respond to this trend by adding the HR-V subcompact crossover to its Mexico production line in Guadalajara starting from next year. The same model is also being made at the Celaya facility. The Japanese automaker is boosting its output volume to keep its sales momentum on a fast pace, as Honda’s US deliveries have gained 5.7 percent in the first months of this year.

To make room for the HR-V, the company will move the output of the popular CR-V from Guadalajara to its Greensburg factory in Indiana, which currently makes the Civic. In order to support this move, Honda announced in March it would invest 52 million dollars and create 100 new jobs so Greensburg could start building America’s best-selling SUV for four years running, while the North American production of the CR-V will carry on at the East Liberty, Ohio, and Alliston, Ontario, plants.

The automaker did not reveal how many HR-Vs would be built in Mexico in Celaya and Guadalajara, but the latter one made around 63,000 CR-Vs last year. At a global scale, Honda has a total capacity production of around 5.55 million vehicles, but it only sold 4.70 million units in the last fiscal year.

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