Honda Phasing Out CR-Z With JDM Alpha Final Label

After more than six years of production, Honda is retiring the CR-Z. (In its home market of Japan, at least.) But before it does, the Japanese automaker is bidding the hybrid sport hatch farewell with the special edition you see here.

Dubbed the Alpha Final Label, the latest take on the Honda CR-Z is distinguished by its special metallic blue paint (one of five colors available) and 17-inch alloys in matte finish. Of course there are special badges throughout, along with a few upgrades to the interior to set it apart from the other 4 million CR-Zs that Honda has made since its introduction in February 2010.

The hybrid powertrain carries over unchanged, pairing a 1.5-liter inline-four with an electric motor and either a six-speed manual or continuously variable transmission.

The CR-Z was designed to be both sporty and economical, intended to revive the spirit of the iconic CR-X, but with a hybrid powertrain. In reality it more accurately bridged the gap between the first-generation Insight and the second. Neither model, however, succeeded in supplanting the Toyota Prius in the market for dedicated hybrids.

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