Honda open-wheeled concept demonstrates ‘floating’ driver’s seat

Weighing in at just 893 pounds, the Project 2&4 gets a mid-mounted engine for a low center of gravity and responsive handling.

TOKYO — Honda Motor Co. will debut an open-wheeled sporty car that features a dangling roofless “floating” driver’s seat and “creative craftsmanship” at this month’s Frankfurt motor show.

The vehicle is the winner of Honda’s Global Design Project. It has a mouthful of a name: The “Honda Project 2&4 power by RC213V.”

The project is a design exercise meant to celebrate Honda’s rich heritage as a maker of two-wheeled motorcycles and four-wheeled passenger vehicles. The Frankfurt vehicle gets four wheels but is powered by Honda’s RDC213V motorcycle engine.

It was inspired by Honda’s RA272 Formula One racer from 1965, a rocket-shaped car that helped put the Japanese brand on the map.

The concept’s powerful MotoGP 999cc V-4 four-stroke engine has been modified to run on public roads, Honda said in a statement

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