Honda NSX Vs BMW i8 In Battle Of The New-Age Hybrid Supercars

Not that long ago, the term “hybrid” was associated with eco-friendly but far from exciting to drive cars like the Toyota Prius, so petrolheads merely sniggered at it.

Things couldn’t be more different today, what with hybrid technology being used in the Holy Trinity of hypercars – and these anything but boring now, are they?

You don’t have to be a millionaire to get access to hybrid driving thrills, though, as there are currently two hybrid supercars that are priced way lower, in the vicinity of $150k in the US to be more precise.

BMW’s i8 is the older of the two, being on the market for the past three years, and yet it still looks as if it’s a concept that, somehow, made its way to the road. No surprise with that sculpted design that maximizes airflow, plus the impressive butterfly doors. Honda, on the other hand, has been mulling over building a successor to the iconic NSX for many years, but the finished item justifies its efforts.

Now, these two both employ a mid-engined, turbocharged petrol unit that works in conjunction with electric motors and they are both all-wheel drive. The NSX, though, has double the number of cylinders, more than double the capacity and its 573 HP output makes the i8’s 362 HP look puny in comparison.

All of which, naturally, makes comparing the two on a track all that more interesting, so click to find out how those two fared against each other.

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