Honda NSX treated to genuine accessories in Japan

Honda NSX treated to genuine accessories in Japan image

The Japanese supercar has now also debuted in right-hand drive markets, including at home in Japan, where in a bid to compensate for the American production relocation the brand has added a slew of original accessories.

The Japanese auto market is full of love for the aftermarket scene – after all this is the birthplace of drifts and Liberty Walk wide body kits, so even a mere Nissan Note needs some touches before a customer takes it home. The Honda NSX is no different – getting a wide array of official accessories for personalization fans. We get a new set of wheels, which come with a unique combination of colors and have been made by Modulo. These guys are Honda’s sponsor in the Super GT class, so professional levels are to be expected from the 19-inch alloys at the front and 20-inch ones at the rear, complete with center lock. Given the NSX’s status as an import, it can cost more than a Ferrari, so the official indoor body cover coming in a two-tone finish with silver on top and blue below could be a needed addition.

There’s also an AC100V power charger for the battery – as the supercar is a prized possession you might find yourself in need to recharge the battery before a trip after letting it slip for a long while in the garage. There are also bespoke carpets for the cabin and trunk, as well as “NSX” illuminated door sills.

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