Honda NSX “Family” Planned, Including Type R and EV Variants

As the Honda NSX prepares itself for a November on-sale date in Australia, it appears an expanded range of NSX models could follow.

In an interview with UK outlet Autocar, NSX project lead Ted Klaus revealed the mid-engined supercar’s architecture could support a number of spin-off variants, among them a pure electric vehicle and a track-focused Type R variant.

Klaus also confirmed that the all-electric NSX race car it sent to last month’s Pikes Peak International Hillclimb was there partly to test the viability of an NSX EV, with battery durability, torque vectoring control and power electronics being of critical concern.

“There are other issues to solve, but that’s why we had one there”, Klaus said.

The 2016 Honda NSX EV Concept

The 2016 Honda NSX EV Concept

A Type R or NSX-R performance flagship is also being seriously considered by Honda HQ. Klaus concedes there is “an appetite” for a simplified, performance-focused NSX with a stripped-out interior, track-honed suspension settings and perhaps more power and torque.

A non-hybrid version is also possible, with Klaus saying there is “nothing in the way of it being non-electrified”.

Could a track-focused NSX-R ditch the regular NSX’s three electric assistance motors in order to shed weight? Provided the end result remains emissions-legal, perhaps.

It would certainly be an easy way of slimming the NSX down from its 1725kg kerb weight, though it would lose the immediate torque delivery of said motors.

In its current spec, the Honda NSX makes a total of 427kW of power and 644Nm of torque, with a twin-turbocharged 373kW/550Nm 3.5 litre V6 engine providing the lions share of that output.

A nine-speed twin clutch automatic takes power to the rear wheels, while two electric motors power a front wheel each. The third motor is sandwiched between the engine and transmission and delivers extra torque to the rear wheels as needed.

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