Honda NeuV Concept Introduces Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem

Honda will use the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to introduce the boxy NeuV Concept, which will preview its “Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem” technology.

The automatic electric NeuV comes equipped with artificial intelligence, called the “Emotion Engine” in Honda-speak, which allows the personal mobility pod to interact with humans in new ways.

Honda promises that its Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem has the potential to reduce traffic congestion. The car maker is set to announce new initiatives with startup companies and global brands that will “create a more productive and enjoyable mobility experience.”

New modes of in-car connectivity have also been promised, but until the 2017 CES opens in January Honda had little more to say about the NeuV concept. The NeuV will share the CES stand with a new motorcycle concept designed to showcase Honda’s robotics technology.

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