Honda N-One Goes Even More Retro With Suzuka Special

Like the Mini or Fiat 500, the Honda N-One takes a decidedly retro design approach. But now the Japanese automaker has taken it in an even more old-school direction with the launch of the limited-edition SS model.

Shorthand for Suzuka Special (not Super Sport), the special-edition Kei car pays tribute to Honda‘s first production passenger car, the N360, which launched 50 years ago.

The special is based on the Premium Tourer model in Lowdown trim, and features a hood stripe, checkered decals, and black grille, door handles, license plate trim, and alloys. Inside it’s all done up in tan, with a host of otherwise optional extras included as part of the package.

The overall effect is that of a retro racer, giving the N-One an extra dose of style. It packs a 660cc turbo engine mated to a CVT, priced at 1,798,000 yen (or about $17k at current exchange rates). Rather than limited production by quantity, Honda will offer the package for a limited time, from November 11 (this past Friday) until October 31 of next year.

Try not to like it too much, though, because the N-One is restricted to the Japanese Domestic Market, and is about as likely to make it across the Pacific as Godzilla.

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