Honda Looking To Match Ferrari’s Power Output At Belgian Grand Prix

While we’re all expecting Honda to do better once they roll out their new-spec engine at Spa, perhaps it’s best if they temper their expectations when it comes to power output.

Then again, the Japanese manufacturer really is planning to challenge Ferrari in terms of engine power, if the changes to the combustion chamber, intake, exhaust layout and gear-train system work as the engineers expect them to.

Honda motorsport chief Yasuhisa Arai was recently quoted as saying that their current engine was “much better than Renault” during their last race in Hungary – even though Red Bull definitely got the better result.

“Spa is the final upgrade for this year, with ancillaries to follow in the following race,” added Arai.

“Mk 3 [will be introduced] in Spa [and] we have already started development on next season’s power unit. Mk4 will be on the same level as Mercedes, that is the target; Mk 3 will be on a level similar to Ferrari, which is what we’re aiming for. It’s a big step.”

Arai also admitted that there is still a “big gap” between McLaren and Red Bull in terms of mechanical grip and aerodynamics, but engine-wise they’re happy with where they’re at.

If this is indeed the case, then it seems like Honda has really delivered a capable power unit – which was the number one issue with the car until recently.

The Belgian Grand Prix will take place next weekend on August 23, so in less than a week we’ll know if Honda will make good on its promises.

Story references: Autosport

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