Honda launches in Japan the Clarity Fuel Cell

Honda launches in Japan the Clarity Fuel Cell image

The third largest Japanese automaker is going to compete against Toyota in the field of fuel cell cars and the Mirai will have to fend off against the all new Clarity Fuel Cell.

Honda has just initiated the start of sales for the Clarity Fuel Cell which, according to the automaker, should bring “universal value” and a “cutting-edge appeal”. Since there aren’t so many production series hydrogen powered electric cars out there Honda can claim to have the world’s first five-passenger sedan with a fuel cell powertrain and the 2016 Clarity will see prices starting at home from 7,660,000 yen ($67,445). This may sound a lot but we should remember the Rising Sun country is very favorable to such green models and owners have numerous financial advantages. Honda said it aims to sell around 200 units this year, primarily going towards leases from businesses and local governments.

The Clarity Fuel Cell is a rather hefty vehicle at 4,166 pounds (1,890 kilograms) and has a 130 kilowatt motor with 221 pound-feet (300 Newton meters) of torque. Fuel comes from the 70 MPa, 141 liter high-pressure hydrogen tank which will suffice for a JC08 test cycle measured range of about 466 miles (750 kilometers). The EPA rating for the US-Spec 2017 Clarity is expected to be less lenient and come with at least 300 miles (482 km). Honda also launched with the hydrogen car the optional Power Exporter 9000, available from 1,180,000 yen ($10,390) – it can turn the car into a “power source on wheels” and according to the carmaker it has enough electricity to support an average household for about a week.

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