Honda kicks off production of 10th-generation Civic in Canada

Honda kicks off production of 10th-generation Civic in Canada

Honda has kicked off North American mass production of its 10th-generation Civic sedan and coupe, both built in Alliston, Ontario.

The Canadian factory, located approximately 50 miles north of Toronto, will serve as the new Civic’s global lead plant for the first time. It is the first to enter mass production, responsible for developing the manufacturing processes that will be used in 10 other assembly plants across the world.

The Japanese automaker has promised to invest $857 million at the Alliston facility over the next three years, helping modernize and streamline its operations.

The new Civic will also be built at the Honda plant in Greensburg, Indiana, while its new turbocharged 1.5-liter inline four will be produced exclusively at the company’s engine plant in Anna, Ohio. The new powerplant will be mated to either a six-speed manual transmission or a CVT, which will be built in Ohio and Mexico.

More than nine million Civics have been built in North America since 1986, with sales surpassing 35 million units on the continent. The number represents an equal split between Canada and US factories, with approximately 4.5 million units accumulated in each country so far.

The company bills the new Civic as the “most ambitious” remake in the nameplate’s 43-year history, introducing a turbocharged engine and a bold new styling. More interior space has been added, along with improved materials and a redesigned suspension system connected to a more rigid structure.

Buyers will get a chance to pick up the sedan later this year, ahead of the coupe’s launch and eventually the high-performance Type R package.

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