Honda Just Patented An 11-Speed Transmission With Three Clutches, Because Overkill

When the count of gears in transmissions reached 10, we thought we’d maxed out, at least for a while. Not true, for Honda reportedly patented an 11-speed gearbox with no less than three clutches.

According to Auto Guide, the Japanese car manufacturer filed the patent on May 27, 2016, at the Japan Patent office, with the inventor credited as Izumi Masao. The official application is no longer accessible, but the description explained how the third clutch could be used to decrease torque removal (the drop in torque) usually found on dual-clutch units.

Further details are expected to surface in the future, but until then, we can only imagine what sort of cars could benefit from this type of gearbox. Knowing Honda’s drive for efficiency, its entire line-up could adopt the triple-clutch, 11-speed automatic.

Honda is the second vehicle manufacturer that reportedly patented an 11-speeder, Ford being having done the same three years ago.

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