Honda Issues Recall For Death- And Injuries-Related Airbags

Honda Motor Co. has announced a new safety campaign on its local market due to a malfunction of airbag inflators made by Daicel Corp.

The affects approximately 143,000 vehicles, all of them sold in Japan, after an airbag malfunctioned in accidents with serious consequences.

Honda’s new recall comes after a 17-year old girl lost her life in a 2002 Civic in late March, after a collision triggered the airbags and sent shrapnel towards her neck, killing her on the spot.

According to AutomotiveNews, quoting Honda spokesman Misato Fukushima, the propellant used in these airbag inflators was not suitable and had “inappropriate velocity”.

Made by Nihon Plast Co., the Daicel Corp. inflators have been fitted into the airbag modules and they have not been used as replacements for the malfunctioning Takata ones. Daicel is currently cooperating with the automaker to conduct the recall and has stopped manufacturing the inflator.

Note: Honda S660 pictured

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