Honda Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Arriving by 2020

Honda FCV Concept

Honda plans on mass producing hydrogen fuel cell cars by 2020.

The Japanese automaker recently debuted the latest version of its FCV concept, which is being described as “relatively close to the production car,” according to Thomas Brachmann, head of powertrain development at Honda. The company has been investing and developing hydrogen fuel cell cars for years now, starting with the FCX in early 2007.

The latest FCV concept is powered by a single hydrogen fuel cell stack, is capable of driving 300 miles on a single tank and can be refueled in about five minutes. Compared to the FCX, the FCV concept’s fuel cell stack has a power output of 3.1kW/L, a 60 percent increase even though the stack has been physically reduced in size by 30 percent.

Although the company isn’t ready to release production figures for the FCV, Brachmann did share that Honda has no intentions of selling the car in low volumes. The company does admit that infrastructure will be a major hurdle with hydrogen fuel cell cars, with Brachmann estimating that it will be 10 to 15 years before the technology is widely accepted.

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