Honda Has A Laugh With EMOJI License Plates

It seems that Honda is planning on introducing emoji registration plates in the UK, while using the Civic Type R as a guinea pig. What has the world come to?

According to Honda, their plans for emoji plates come as a direct response to younger car buyers across the UK who identify with this means of communication much better than older generations.

In fact, research conducted earlier this year points to 96% of under 30-year olds actually preferring emoji plates over traditional ones – while 97% of those questioned admitted to using emoji faces as their main method of expressing themselves while chatting online.

“We are really excited to offer our customers a fun, quirky way to customize their car, which importantly, is reflective of their personality and lifestyle. At Honda, we believe in innovation – and this concept is sure to be well-received by younger consumers for whom emojis are such a popular way of communicating,” said Shigastu Baka, First Officer or Licenses at Honda UK.

Funny how Mr Baka’s name literally translates to “April Fool’s” in Japanese, but we’re sure it’s just a coincidence, right?

As for this particular set of plates, we’re looking at some pretty generic emojis with the road, the car, sun, lights, flag and a key.

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