Honda, GM to jointly manufacture hydrogen fuel cells

Honda, GM to jointly manufacture hydrogen fuel cells

General Motors and Honda are reportedly planning to jointly manufacture hydrogen fuel-cell technology.

The move does not come as a surprise, as the automakers have been collaborating on FCV development for several years. The companies are aiming to introduce an all-new hydrogen fuel cell system by the end of the decade. Engineers are focused on making the technology both smaller and cheaper than current alternatives.

“By cutting costs with General Motors, we hope to increase our FCV production capacity to help achieve the government’s goal,” an unnamed Honda official said in a Asahi Shimbun report spotted by Autoblog.

Several automaker alliances are currently pushing forward with the controversial technology, despite signs of trouble in the US market. All will be attempting to bring prices down to a level competitive with traditionally powertrains.

Honda and GM have not yet officially confirmed the manufacturing partnership or disclosed a potential location for their factory. The Japanese government is said to be considering strategies that will help the technology go mainstream by 2025. It is unclear if manufacturing incentives will be part of the plan.

The factory will likely be limited to fuel-cell components, rather than serving an assembly plant for vehicles. Honda and GM are not expected to share the same level of deep collaboration on the vehicle chassis and bodies.

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