Honda, GM to Jointly Manufacture Fuel Cells at New Factory

Honda and General Motors are investing heavily into hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles.

The two automakers will set up a factory to jointly manufacture fuel cells, a move that will help bring development of fuel-cell vehicles to a new phase. Honda and GM have been jointly developing fuel-cell systems and hydrogen tanks since 2013, and now they plan on mass producing fuel cells at the new plant by 2025. The goal of the plant is to reduce production costs of fuel cells since both automakers are working on commercial fuel-cell vehicles of their own.

Honda is focusing on offering mass-market fuel-cell vehicles by 2025 and the Japanese government is planning on introducing measures that will reduce the market price of fuel-cell vehicles to levels that can compete with traditional electric hybrids around 2025.

Developing fuel-cell vehicles have become a focus for various automakers around the world, but it requires a huge investment. As a result, Honda and GM aren’t the only ones that have partnered up to work on fuel-cell development. Toyota and BMW are jointly developing key components for fuel-cell vehicles while Nissan is working with Ford and Daimler.

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