Honda Developing an EV Sportscar Concept

The Japanese manufacturer is working on an all-electric sportscar concept inspired by its NSX model, which will make its debut at this year’s Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The EV model in question will have a 4-motor ‘Super Handling’ AWD powertrain. Honda says that it has been working on the ‘Super Handling’ technology for almost 20 years now. Each axle on the car has a Twin Motor Unit, which helps in independent torque distribution on all wheels and therefore puts the right amount of thrust on each wheel as and when required. Honda says that the torque vectoring will help the car negotiate the 156 corners on the Pikes Peak Hill Climb event.

The ‘Super Handling’ AWD technology makes use of highly responsive acceleration characteristics and regeneration ability of the electric motors to make the torque vectoring systems function even better and binds together the other systems in play such as the electric power steering, vehicle stability assist and the sport-hybrid SH-AWD.

The concept EV will be driven by Tetsuya Yamano who was also the driver for the Honda CR-Z at last year’s Pikes Peak event. This engine is basically an evolved unit of the engine that was used in the Honda CR-Z at last year’s Pikes Peak Hill Climb event. The CR-Z won the Exhibition Class challenge at the event in 2015. The current powertrain generates almost three times the total power output of the CR-Z. So this time, Honda aims at a better timing than last year on its way to climb the Pikes Peak.

“We’ve been tuning the car for several weeks at Pikes and have advanced its performance significantly,” said Tetsuya Yamano. “We’re honoured to be running at Pikes in this historical, anniversary year – an event respected by racing fans all over the world.”

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