Honda Developing All-Electric Sports Car with 350 HP

Honda is planning an all-electric sports car that could have up to 350 horsepower.

Thanks to the research and development done for the all-new 2017 Acura NSX, Honda is getting ready to offer more sports cars in the near future. First, there’s the Civic Type R finally heading to U.S. soil in the future, then there’s the rumored baby NSX model that will serve as a successor to the S2000. But perhaps one of the more exciting ideas is a pure electric vehicle that would showcase the company’s next-generation SH-AWD torque distribution system.

With the new Acura NSX, Honda is using a pair of electric motors to help drive the front wheels while the rear is also enhanced by a single electric motor. The Japanese automaker has taken that idea one step further, creating a CR-Z prototype with four electric motors, one driving each wheel. That technology was demonstrated earlier this year with a different CR-Z race car at the 2015 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, where it won the Exhibition Class and posted the 11th fastest time overall.

The race car generated a combined 444 hp and weighed 3,968 pounds, but Honda is currently showing off a mule ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show with around 250 hp and a weight of 3,527 lbs. Engineers have indicated that the prototype could hit 350 hp with relative ease.

But there’s more to developing an electric vehicle than just performance. Honda is well aware that the sports car needs a target range of 300 miles “to make customers satisfied.” It is being reported that the electric motors being used on the CR-Z test car are borrowed from the Acura RLX hybrid. The good news is, if Honda is able to reach into its existing parts bin to make an all-electric sports car a reality, costs wouldn’t be as significant as developing one from scratch. The company will likely see how well the new NSX performs in the marketplace before deciding whether to greenlight the all-electric sports car.

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