Honda Designs In-Car Bicycle Rack For European Civic Tourer

Cycling enthusiasts will get to keep their bikes safe and clean inside the Civic Tourer with Honda‘s new in-car bicycle rack.

Inspired by the Civic Tourer Active Life Concept shown last year in Frankfurt, the system enables the transport of two full-size bicycles within the load bay, improving security, safety and fuel efficiency compared to a roof- or rear-mounted rack.

The aluminum rail is mounted in the deep boot well and comes with sliding brackets, attached to the rail with a T-bar for the front fork, which requires the removal of the front wheel. Ensuring safety is a fixing belt that uses the existing integrated load bay lashing rings. The system can also accommodate a single bicycle, making room for an additional passenger on the rear bench and enabling extra luggage space.

Honda says that the in-car bicycle rack can be combined with the current accessories, such as the roof cross bars, boot side net and boot lip protector, to make the Civic Tourer more versatile. The system, whose price tag has yet to be announced, will go on sale through selected dealers from October 2016.

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