Honda Delivers First £150,000 RC213V-S HyperBike

Honda celebrated the first ever customer delivery of its brand new RC213V-S motorcycle at its UK racing headquarters.

The bike was unveiled earlier this year and it is a truly impressive machine. It is closer to a MotoGP racer in concept, specification and riding feel than any other road legal motorcycle, receiving minimal changes to make it suitable for the road.

These include the shift from pneumatic valve to a coil spring system and the adoption of a conventional system instead of the seamless transmission used on the racer. Power is provided by a 4.-cylinder DOHC 4-valve V4 liquid-cooled engine, rated at 175PS (173hp), from the MotoGP’s 235PS (232hp).

If that’s not enough, know that Honda also offers an optional sports kit, for riding on closed courses only, which lifts the output to 212PS (209hp). However, this isn’t available in the United States, where the company will only introduce the 101PS (100hp) version.

The first owner of the RC213V-S is John Brown, “an avid collector of Honda machines”, owner of a Honda motorcycle dealership in Manchester, UK, who was excited about his newest toy: ” As soon as it went on sale I registered my interest on the website, and when I received the call from Honda to say my order was accepted it was a very special day for me.”

The Honda RC213V-S has been in development for three years, it’s hand-built at the Kumamoto factory, and went on sale, in the UK, on July 13, 2015, at a price of £150,000. In Germany, the model costs €188,000, in Australia it’s set at A$244,000, in Japan customers can have it from 21,900,000 yen and in the United States, it will set its future owners back for $184,000. Deliveries of the bike will continue “from the New Year“, as the company states.

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