Honda Could Turn Next CR-V Into A Plusher 7-Seater

Honda is apparently going to change the tried and true CR-V formula for the next generation vehicle due in 2017. Along with the size increase, the automaker will apparently be aiming to also give it an air of premium about it.

According to Autocar which quotes Honda’s UK boss, Leon Brannan, this move has been thought up to make room in the range for the smaller HR-V.

Brennan told the UK publication that “CR-V is a massive pillar for us. I’m not sure that HR-V in the UK will ever become a four-wheel drive car, most people in this segment will vote with their feet and buy two-wheel drive. So if we can assume that HR-V will ever only be two-wheel drive, then you’ve got to proposition [with CR-V].”

According to the source report, the CR-V could be offered with all seven seats as standard as well as all-wheel drive too. People who will be more interested in something with front-wheel drive will be directed towards the smaller HR-V.

The only thing that begs a question is the gap they will create in the range, as they won’t be offering a direct five-seater Nissan Qashqai / Subaru Forester rival any more if the above comes true…

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