Honda considering NSX Type R with RWD?

Honda considering NSX Type R with RWD?

Honda is reportedly mulling a rear-wheel-drive NSX to serve as a track-focused limited edition, one of several variants that could be added down the road.

Potentially known as the Type R, the package could save hundreds of pounds by omitting some of the hybrid components that are used to drive the front wheels, according to Autocar. The standard build is said to have around 330 pounds of electrification gear, including motors and batteries.

NSX Dynamic Development head Nick Robinson and his brother James, a powertrain engineer at the company, will both be racing modified NSX vehicles at the 2016 Pike’s Peak hillclimb. Hinting at the potential Type R powertrain, James’ car eliminates the hybrid system in favor of an electric compressors to supplement the 3.5-liter V6’s twin exhaust-driven turbochargers. It is expected to be much more powerful than the standard powertrain.

A recent report claimed the V6 engine still has significant room for improvement, producing ‘just’ 143 horsepower per liter in its current form. The hybrid system could also be revised to deliver more power, potentially paired with lightweight materials to reduce heft without eliminating the hybrid system.

The Type R could be preceded by a convertible version of the standard NSX, consistent with the previous-generation car.

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