Honda Clarity Fuel Cell To Make North American Debut In LA

A direct competitor for the Toyota Mirai will soon arrive on US shores in the form of the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell.

Honda pulled the wraps off its body last month in Tokyo. The U.S. version will be almost the same, but while the Japanese spec model has a total driving range of 435 miles (700 km), this one delivers 300 miles (483 km), nearly the same as the Mirai FCV (312 miles/502 km). Filling its tank with hydrogen takes approximately 3 minutes.

The ‘green’ car is powered by a fuel cell stack with an output of more than 100kW (134hp / 136 PS), with the electric motor generating 174hp (177 PS). The fuel cell powertrain is as compact as a 3.5-liter V6 engine and this is the first production fuel cell sedan to house the whole drivetrain system and fuel cell stack in the engine compartment.

The new Honda Clarity FCV will initially be offered in limited quantities, with production eventually increasing. In its home market, it will start from 7.66m Yen ($62,000). The FCV will make its debut on U.S. soil at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show, on November 18.

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