Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Priced, Plug-In Hybrid Variant Coming in 2018

Honda has announced approximate pricing for its new Clarity Fuel Cell sedan. 

The Japanese brand says it expects the car to be priced close to $60,000 in total, though it will initially be available as a lease only with payments coming in at less than $500 a month. That is more than the car’s closest rival, the Toyota Mirai, which is priced at $57,500 and can be leased for $499 per month.

Buyers in California will be the first ones granted access to the new Clarity Fuel Cell, which will be available for lease only when it first launches near the end of 2016. Honda says it expects to move into retail sales once volume increases and the hydrogen refueling station network is more prominent, though an actual timeline was not offered.

After the launch of the Clarity Fuel Cell, a plug-in hybrid version of the car will hit the market, slated to launch in 2018. Honda expects the car to have at least 39-miles of all-electric range and says that the plug-in will launch in all 50 States.

Honda says that the new Clarity Fuel Cell will have a range of over 300 miles with seating for five passengers. The car is packed full of Honda’s new suite of safety technology along with the latest infotainment system which can run Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. LED lights, 18-inch wheels and a black, white or red paint scheme complete the look of the car.

Honda is currently working as part of the public-private partnership H2USA to help develop hydrogen refueling infrastructure for the U.S.

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