Honda Clarity Fuel Cell arrives in Europe but it’s not for sale, yet

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell arrives in Europe but it’s not for sale, yet image

While battery electrics are a reality today, hydrogen fuel cells are still something that seems to come from the space age – so they’re a long way from being the revolutionary replacement for the internal combustion engine.

Toyota with its Mirai, Hyundai with the Tucson Fuel Cell and now the Honda Clarity FCEV are taking small but interesting steps towards a cleaner future. And the latter has just arrived for the first time in Europe as well. Don’t expect the Clarity to be available in every showroom across the continent because just six examples have been brought over to the Old Continent – taking the roads of London, England, and Copenhagen, Denmark, as part of the Hydrogen for Innovative Vehicles (HyFIVE) EU demonstration. “The arrival of these vehicles in Europe and Honda’s participation in HyFIVE is the next step towards Honda’s vision of the full commercialization of this technology,” commented Thomas Brachmann, Chief Project Engineer of Honda Research and Development.

The HyFIVE project is gathering a total 185 FCEVs on the road in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. This is a bid to show fuel cells are a viable transportation solution and seek to attract the attention towards more hydrogen-refueling infrastructure. The Honda Clarity is the followup to the company’s FCX and FCX Clarity models and can go for 366 miles (589 kilometers) on a tank of H2.

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