Honda Civic Type R Vs. CBR1000 RR SP Track Battle

The all-time favorite topic of car vs bike is returning, this time with two of Honda’s finest creations going head to head in an empty race track.

Auto Express brought the Civic Type R and the CBR1000 RR Fireblade SP together for a classic track battle between them along with BTCC racing driver Matt Neal and British Superbike rider Dan Linfoot in order to help with the driving bit.

Set at a dry Rockingham circuit, the two competitors lined up for the race, with the Civic Type R given a 10-second head-start to make the challenge more even as the CBR1000 SP comes with an eye-watering power-to-weight ratio of 848hp/tonne compared to the car’s 221hp/tonne.

Matt Neal’s legend precedes him and I also had the chance for a flipping-fast ride with him when we first drove the Civic Type R in Slovakia while Dan Linfoot races bikes, which kind of puts him automatically in the category of super-humans.

Can you safely draw a conclusion out of this battle? I think not, but if you do, leave your comment below.


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