Honda Civic Type R Falls Victim To The Green Hell

Even though it wouldn’t be fair to say that the Nurburgring likes to chew up and spit out hot hatchbacks, here’s another example of one that flipped over violently after hitting the barrier.

The driver lost control before the turn, couldn’t regain it and smashed into the barrier, causing the car to flip over multiple times before landing on its wheels.

Thankfully, both driver and passenger got out of the car on their own two feet, albeit obviously shaken up by the force of the crash. While the Type R is in the air you can even see the curtain airbags waving around because of the spin, which also makes for a scary sight.

While this impact doesn’t seem to be as bad as the one that caused this Megane RS to take flight, it still makes for one of the scariest crashes we’ve seen on the ‘Ring.

As far as we can tell, this is the same treacherous section of the track (the one with the crest) that causes liftoff oversteer mayhem among FWD cars, so that may have been what first initiated the spin.


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