Honda Civic Sets European World Record for Fuel Efficiency

Honda sets new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for fuel efficiency

The Honda Civic covered more than 8,387 miles on just nine tanks of gas.

Setting a new Guinness World Records title for “Lowest fuel consumption – all 24 contiguous EU countries (all cars),” a Honda Civic Tourer 1.6 i-DTEC managed to squeeze an average of 932 miles for each tank of fuel and completed its journey at a total fuel cost of $707. The two drivers on the trip, Fergal McGrath and Julian Warren, are part of the Honda European Research & Development team and wanted to further demonstrate just how impressive the real-world fuel economy of the Honda Civic Tourer is.

Both drivers set out on June 1 from Aalst, Belgium, and navigated the continental in a clockwise direction. On June 25, they returned to their starting spot and recorded a fuel economy of 100.31 mpg on EU’s test cycle, besting the quoted figure of 74.3 mpg.

In order to comply with Guinness World Records, the team had to enter each of the 24 countries specified, collecting a range of evidence including fuel/mileage logbook, GPS readings, video and photographs, as well as independent witness signatures. To replicate real world conditions, no modifications were done to the Honda Civic Tourer and fueling was done at regular filling stations, with the tank topped off to maximum capacity at each stop to ensure no weight advantage. The tires were also inflated to recommended pressures and the wheel alignment was set to factory specification.

“It was tough, but we really enjoyed it, and setting this new Guiness World Records title has made all of the hard work worthwhile,” said McGrath. “This was a huge team effort so I’d like to thank everyone involved for all of their commitment and support. After spending so much time behind the wheel Julian and I are just happy to be back behind our desks for a while!”

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