Honda Civic Prototype – First teaser picture

Honda has released the first teaser picture of the upcoming Civic Prototype. The concept will be showcased during the 2016 Geneva Motor Show and it is previewing the upcoming Civic generation which is scheduled to debut in 2017.

The teaser image shows us the rear end and we see an aggressive and sporty model. The beefy bumper with dual exhaust tips mounted on the center of the car are very interesting. We also have noticed the impressive roof-mounted spoiler and the taillights shaped like a boomerang.

Honda Civic Prototype – First teaser picture

Also on the Geneva Motor Show, Honda will display the Clarity Fuel Cell. The car will make its European debut along a Jazz Keenlight concept that will demonstrate the customization potential of the supermini.

At the end we remind you that HOnda has slated the debut of the NSX for later this year.

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