Honda Civic Gets Smashed by Florida Train, Drives Away

Honda Civic Train Crash

Japanese manufacturing, eh? A Florida man (of course) is relishing his decision to pass on that used Chevy Cruze, after a train demolished the rear end of his Honda Civic and he was still able to drive it from the scene of the crash. The collision took place in downtown Orlando on a Sunday morning at 3:00 am. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the car turned onto the train tracks by mistake instead of onto a closely adjacent surface street, and got stuck parallel to the steel rails. Footage captured by a local bystander, who is weirdly enough the guy who invented the Whac-A-Mole (is this guy just obsessed with smashing things?), shows the Honda Civic coupe trapped on the tracks. The driver and his passenger appear to be trying to move it out of the way of the oncoming freight train, but wisely just give up and run for their lives. Blaring its horn, the train collides with the Civic and pushes it off to the side of the tracks. The conductor told the Sentinel that he saw the car, but could not brake in time to avoid hitting it.

Soon after everything settles down and it’s clear nobody has been hurt, the driver and his passenger simply get into the car and drive off. The entire rear end is caved in, the bumper is in shambles and hanging by a thread, but it still starts right up. The driver pulls it into a nearby parking space so he can give the police his report, as if it were just some garden-variety fender-bender. This apparently is not the first time a car has been savagely destroyed at this railroad intersection. The Whac-A-Mole guy says that people tend to get confused by the railroad late at night and early weekend mornings, and that alcohol is a likely factor in these incidents. We reached out to the Orlando Police Department for comment, and the police report it provided backs up this timeline.

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