Honda Civic Coupe Still Runs After Getting Hit By Train

For the sake of simplicity, we could just say Honda Civic: 1, Train: 0, but we definitely need to explore what happened here a bit further.

Apparently, the driver of the Honda Civic Coupe got the car stuck on the tracks and couldn’t move it in time before the train came a-knocking. The description of the video also states that the driver was remarkably able to still drive the car after the accident, though eventually decided to flee the scene.

The footage comes from Orlando, Florida and before anything else, we’d love to know how in the world you get in that situation in the first place. And on top of that, once you see a train approaching and your buddy is already signaling for it to stop, you could spare some of that time and keep trying to move the car.

At that particular point they still have plenty of time to get out of the way, otherwise, not getting out of the way ASAP would have clearly been a bad idea.

The impact itself is nothing to joke about, as that train hit the Honda hard and the fact that the car wasn’t obliterated is almost a miracle. But what you see is what you get, apparently. And what you get with the Civic Coupe is a very sturdy car – it can get hit by a train and still only look slightly crumpled up at the rear.

Even the taillights are working. It’s no wonder people were becoming amused seeing how the car still managed to drive away after such a violent impact.

What happened, most likely, is that the train hit the Civic at just the right angle where the car put up very little resistance as it was being pushed along the tracks.

NSFW Warning: This video does contain some swearing


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