Honda Civic Cabriolet Is A Curious Car Unlikely To Happen

With the latest-generation Honda Civic, the U.S. will soon receive the model it has been clamoring for, the Civic Type R. But while there’s certainly more demand for multiple variants than ever before, could the Japanese company be prompted into making a Civic Cabriolet?

In all probability, no. However, there is certainly a small market for such cars, like the Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet, so it’s certainly possible that at some stage, Honda has had discussions about a drop-top Civic.

Given the elongated design of the new Civic, particularly in hatchback guise, it doesn’t look all that bad with the roof chopped off as this rendering from X-Tomi Design shows. In fact, the rear half of the car looks quite good with just two doors and four comfortable seats exposed to the elements.

If Honda were to create such a car, would it sell? It definitely would but probably not in the numbers required to justify the development costs. Even still, it’s an intriguing prospect.

Renderings via X-Tomi

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