Honda CEO doesn’t have a car for quite some time, patiently waiting to buy Civic Type R

Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo says he doesn’t own a car at the moment as he is waiting to get the Civic Type R.

After spending several years overseas, Takahiro Hachigo came back to Japan in March to lead Honda but he still doesn’t have a set of wheels to call his own. The reason for this is because the only car he wants is the Civic Type R which isn’t currently available in Japan as right now production of the model at the Swindon factory in UK is reserved for Europe where deliveries will start soon. Honda will begin exporting right-hand drive units to Japan sometime this fall while United States will get it early next year.

At this moment, the only vehicle residing in Hachigo’s garage is a red & black Honda N-ONE kei car which belongs to his wife. From time to time he uses a Honda VTR250 motorcycle, but he is anxious to get his hands on the new Civic Type R which as most of you know is the fastest FWD production car on the ‘Ring after lapping the demanding track in 7:50.63. Honda previously said that if someone will dare to steal their record, a meaner Civic Type R will be out with more power and less weight to claim back the title.

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