Honda Brings New Fireblades & CB1100 Models To Cologne [83 Pics]

It’s been 25 years since Honda came up with the original CBR900RR Fireblade, which makes it fitting that they would launch the heavily upgraded CBR1000RR Fireblade SP and SP2 bikes at the Intermot show in Cologne.

For 2017, the Fireblade SP is all about its power-to-weight ratio (improved by 14%) thanks to a 15 kg (33 lbs) weight reduction and an 8 kW (10.8 PS) top end power boost. Both Fireblade SP and SP2 models received a comprehensive electronic control package, similar to the one used on the bike manufacturer’s MotoGP machine.

Features such as torque control, quickshifter, downshift assist and new ABS are all available, as is the Electronic Control Suspension which can be programmed to “unrivaled levels of precision,” according to Honda. Also, what separates the SP2 from the SP is the lightweight Marchesini wheels, redesigned valves, combustion chamber and pistons.

Honda fans interested in purchasing either the SP or the SP2 need to know that the former will be available to order in March 2017, with the latter set to arrive sometime in May.

Aside from the two Fireblade versions, Honda has also brought their upgraded CB1100 EX and the new CB1100 RS to Intermot. These models feature new LED lights for a more modern touch on a retro design, a shorter exhaust muffler, reshaped fuel tank with no visible welding seams, plus restyled side covers, seats, rear fender and footpegs.

While the CB1100 EX looks more like a classic model thanks to its 40-spoke 18″ zinc-coated stainless steel wheels, the RS model is more sporty with new cast 17″ aluminum wheels fitted with wide, sporty tires, a more upright caster angle and lower handlebars.

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