Honda bringing a trio of motorcycle concepts to Tokyo Motor Show

Honda has released details and images concerning their three motorcycle concepts set to premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show.

First up, the Light Weight Super Sports concept has a low crouching position and a long nose while the matte black theme gives it a sinister appearance. The overall design shows sharp edges and at the back we notice it has received an Akrapovic exhaust system, but full technical specifications are not available at this point.

Moving on to the NEOWING concept, the three-wheeler vehicle aims to offer the sporty ride and cornering feel of a large motorcycle while maintaining increased stability during low speeds. It uses a hybrid system consisting of a four-cylinder horizontally-opposed engine working together with electric motors providing “plentiful torque for powerful acceleration.”

Last but not least, the EV-Cub concept is billed as a personal commuter developed specifically for short distances. It was created in such a way as to ease the process of mounting and dismounting, so Honda’s engineers have decided to put the battery in the lower central area. The battery is actually detachable which means it can be recharged using a domestic wall socket.

These three concepts will share the spotlight at the Tokyo Motor Show with the new FCV sedan starting October 30 until November 8 during the public days.

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