Honda believes latest airbag recall might affect Japanese sales

Honda believes latest airbag recall might affect Japanese sales image

Honda Motor, the third largest Japanese automaker has forecasted it could see a sales impact after it announced plans to bring into services around 5 million vehicles to change the potentially defective airbags manufactured by auto safety parts supplier Takata Corp.

According to a senior executive, managing officer Sho Minekawa, in charge of Honda’s Japanese sales unit, the recall that has been announced on Thursday was just a precautionary measure and the probe into the root cause of the problem was not been completed yet. “There may be some impact (on sales in Japan) but we want to make sure we take the right steps,” Minekawa commented while attending the domestic introduction of the new Shuttle hybrid model. Most of the Japanese automakers announced similar recalls this week, taking the overall total of cars affected by Takata airbag issues around the world to a whopping 36 million. Investigations conducted recently have showed that some of the Takaat airbags have not been sealed properly, making them susceptible to moisture that could trigger an airbag explosion. The Takata airbags have been at the center of a massive string of safety campaigns since 2008, as the airbag inflators could explode with excessive force and send metal shards and other debris inside the cabin at high velocity.

Honda, Takata’s largest client, has bore the brunt of the recalls, with all accidents involving fatalities occurring in Honda manufactured cars. Additionally, the latest tally might include other automakers – apart from the Japanese – because the country’s transport minister hinted the government might demand other carmakers to recall the cars with Takata airbags made during the same period as the ones in the latest string.

Via Reuters

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