Honda approves S1000 for global launch, report claims

Honda approves S1000 for global launch, report claims

Honda has reportedly approved production plans for the rumored S1000, a larger variant of the S660 for global markets.

The export model will be nearly eight inches wider and approximately six inches longer than the S660, with a hardtop and a ‘snorkel’ air intake on the back of the roof, unnamed sources within Honda’s Tochigi research-and-development center have told Motoring.

A diminutive 660cc three-cylinder engine powers the S660 but, as the name implies, the S1000 will receive a 1.0-liter turbocharged VTEC mill. Power will similarly get a boost, allegedly up to 127 horsepower — twice as many ponies as the kei car. Wider tires are expected to complement the extra power.

The company is also said to be working on an S660 Type R, based on the same platform but free from the constraints of Japan’s mini-car segment. In the Type R configuration, the same 660cc powerplant is said to be good for at least 100 horsepower.

Honda has not yet officially confirmed the chatter surrounding the S660 Type R or the S1000, though the latter model is rumored to be on track for arrival sometime next year.

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