Honda announces Project 2&4 going to Frankfurt is powered by RC213V MotoGP engine

Honda announces Project 2&4 going to Frankfurt is powered by RC213V MotoGP engine image

The third largest Japanese automaker is also an accomplished motorcycle manufacturer and now plans to mix the two worlds in what it has called Project 2&4. The latest info showcases the engine to be used – the RC213V racing mill from the MotoGP series.

The idea behind the project seems to be to have a smallish, open-top, race-ready four wheeler that employs a proven race bike engine – it’s not entirely new but we can hardly see any issues in Honda having a go at it. There is also no much information go on with so we’re also not very sure what Honda has in mind – they will use it as a technological prototype, deliver a street production version, use it in motorsport, etc. The truth is that in recent years this interesting segment is also becoming increasingly crowded – and we have numerous contraptions of open-top vehicles equipped with powerful engines and low weight to deliver lots of thrills.

“Embodying Honda’s concept of ‘creative craftsmanship,’ Honda Project 2&4 was designed together by Honda’s motorcycle design centre in Asaka and by Honda’s automobile design centre in Wako, Japan. The Honda Project 2&4 is the result of the company’s continuous effort to create a more exciting user experience,” comments the company in a mysterious and very small press release.

Honda is also keeping mum on the engine itself – they have two versions, the RC213V they use in the MotoGP and they also have the RC213V-S that is used for the street-legal motorcycle. And even the power is a question, because it varies between the standard 159 hp and the 215 hp offered by the racing kit.


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