Honda and GM join forces to launch new hydrogen FCVs

Honda FCV

Honda has revealed plans to partner with automotive giant General Motors, to further develop its hydrogen fuel cell technology. In fact, on the eve of the Tokyo Motor Show the pair announced their intentions to launch the first co-developed car by the end of the decade.

The partnership will see the pair develop a new hydrogen fuel cell stack and tank, but not a complete vehicle. It’s likely that both Honda and GM will use the technology in separate applications and each offer the FCV in different body styles – although no official plans have yet been disclosed.

The new fuel cell stack is currently under development with the two brands looking to improve upon the efficiency claims of Honda’s latest FCV – which is said to be capable of over 430 miles on a single tank of hydrogen.

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The vehicles will join a growing range of hydrogen-powered cars on UK roads, including the Hyundai ix35 and Toyota Mirai – the latter of which we drove for the first time earlier this month. Infrastructure will need dramatic improvement for the Honda and GM products to succeed, though, as only a handful of filling stations are currently operable – with the majority located in and around London and the M25.

Honda also revealed that both companies have been discussing possible technologies beyond the fuel cell system, although officials at the Japanese brand refused to elaborate.

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