Honda Ambassador Claude Sage Takes Delivery Of First European NSX

From planning and development, to exhibiting and launching, it’s been a long journey for Honda and their latest NSX, but now it’s complete and the first example has been delivered in Europe.

The owner of this Curva Red-finished NSX is Claude Sage, founder and former CEO of Honda Switzerland and a member of the Honda NSX & Sportscar Club, who has an extensive history with the evolution of the iconic model.

Sage’s involvement with the NSX’s development began back in 1984 with the HP-X (Honda Pininfarina eXperimental), a prototype that was born from a collaboration between the two firms, and used a Honda V6 engine, taken from a Formula 2 car. He served as a development driver for the prototype that eventually evolved into the first generation NSX (New Sports eXperimental) and was also part of the team that transformed the same prototype into a Le Mans racer.

Joined by the Branch President of Honda Motor Europe France, Taku Kasahara, who was responsible for handing over the keys, Sage said: “The new NSX truly belongs to the modern sports car segment, through the use of technology and rich Japanese origin. It follows the first NSX perfectly.”

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