Guy Tries To Sell A Honda Prelude With Two Engines

Apparently, having one engine doesn’t cut the cake anymore, that’s why this guy decided to add another one in his Prelude.

That’s right, this inconspicuous Honda has two engines working along to propel it to the Moon and back. The car was manufactured by a group of engineers for a senior project class at the Oregon Institute of Technology and it took 9 months to build. The entire project was sponsored by the owner who now claims that he wants to sell it to pay off his debt and help build a local church.

The car retains its original engine, but another one was added and mounted in front of the rear-axle. I don’t know if that makes it mid-engine, but the whole thing is impressive. Both power-plants are stock 2.2 DOHC VTEC units and develop 200 HP and 156 ft-lbs (211 Nm) of torque, each.

As you would expect, the engine in the front drives the front wheels, while the mid-mounted one drives the rear wheels. The engines were apparently synced through the throttle pedal, while the gear-shifter operates both transmissions. That translates into an unconventional AWD system and a total output of 400 HP.

According to the owner, the car now has a nearly perfect 50:50 weight distribution and in straight line acceleration it measured 0,8Gs, while the 0 to 60 Mph (98 Km/h) time is in the mid 4’s. The car also keeps up with “some street bikes and cars such as Audi R8 and 2008 Ferrari Scaglietti”. Oh, and the VTEC systems kicks in (yo) at 5000 rpm.

The interior remains original, apart from the engine behind the front seats. The seller even stated that the car has AC – a very useful feature especially if a 2.2 VTEC 4 banger lurks behind you. Don’t worry, though, as the engine is completely separated from the cab with an insulated and carpeted metal panel and a quick release “hood” panel.

Exterior-wise, the car looks like a slightly modified Honda; nothing out of the ordinary, although the side airscoops might be a giveaway. But who would think that a Prelude houses an additional engine? As far as I’m concerned, those scoops look like the work of an overenthusiastic racer boy, even though the things are fully functional and come with metal ducting designed to carry air all the way to the engine.

The ride was up for grabs on ebay, for a $19,500 reserve. Unfortunately (for the owner), the bidders decided that the car is worth $9,600.

You can check out additional info regarding the purchase of the vehicle – here

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