GM to launch Chevy Cruze hatchback in US market

GM to launch Chevy Cruze hatchback in US market

General Motors is reportedly preparing to launch a hatchback version of its next-generation Cruze in the US market.

The company has not officially disclosed such plans, but a Cruze hatchback was presented to US auto dealers at a gathering in Las Vegas last week, unnamed sources told Automotive News.

Offering a Cruze hatchback at home would not require a new vehicle to be developed from the ground up, as the company already offers a five-door configuration in select global markets. Making the move with the next-generation model also does not come as much of a surprise, after product chief Mark Reuss labeled the decision to not bring the current hatchback to the US as a “pre-bankruptcy planning mistake.”

The company recently teased the next-generation Cruze, which will presumably appear first in sedan form. Reuss also has promised that the redesigned model will “blow you away.”

Hatchbacks have experienced limited sales in the US, but the popularity of small crossovers appears to have inspired some automakers to reconsider the omissions. Separate reports suggest Honda is also preparing to launch its European-market Civic in the US after years of absence.

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