Gas Monkey Garage’s Mean, Green “HONDO” Trike is Up for Sale


If you caught the tail end of this year’s Fast ’N Loud season seven on the Discovery Channel, then this green machine needs no introduction. It’s a jaw-dropper however, so we’ll give it one. 

Built by Mike Coy of Gas Monkey Garage, this is the famous “Hondo”—a 1972 Honda Mini Trail 50 motorcycle that was transformed into a mean-looking trike as part of Richard Rawlings’ “Motorcycle Mayhem” bike build-off.

Each of the Gas Monkey crew had $1,000 and two weeks to turn five forlorn shop bikes into showstoppers for the Leake Auction, and when all was said and done, Mike Coy emerged as the fan favorite by a long way. Now his Hondo creation has come back up for auction, and you can “get you some of that!”


Painted in Richard Rawlings’ favorite color and named after his favorite dollar bill, Coy was assigned the Honda Trail 50 because it needed the least amount of work, allowing him to help Aaron Kaufman with the build of a custom Harley Davidson. He didn’t skimp on his Hondo however, and ended up giving the mini bike a wild trike rear-end swap.

A pair of remote reservoir coilover shocks complement the trike’s new tail, as does its loads of shiny chrome work, and brilliantly white leather seat, which was stitched-up by the famous Sue at ASM Auto Upholstery. Mounted midship is a 125cc Piranha engine and it sounds lovely out of that new chrome exhaust.

Missed the end of last season? Here’s a brief refresher on the “magic” of the Hondo.

While the Hondo proved to be the fan favorite, that’s not to say the rest of the builds fell flat. Jason Aker produced a finely restored Triumph Bonneville, Charles Cimino aced his custom ’03 Big Bear Venom chopper, Keenon Hans turned a BMW into a mean dirt bike, and Jeremy Cheatham tuned-up a slick ’76 Sportster.

Like the Hondo too? Bidding has passed the $2,200 mark with three days left to play.

Photo Credit: Gas Monkey Garage

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