Future Ariel Atom To Get Hybrid Honda Power, Autonomous Luxury Model Also Planned

The British lightweight track weapon could incorporate hybrid technology from the Honda NSX in future versions.

With Honda keen on electrifying its range the coming years and Ariel committed to using powertrains sourced from them, the possibility of a hybrid track-focused sports car is stronger than ever.

Ariel boss Simon Saunders said to Autocar that his company is happy to stick with Honda powertrains in the future, eyeing the hybrid technology that debuted with the NSX.

“The technology in the NSX is cutting-edge and expensive, but it will work its way down the food chain to the hot hatches,” he said. “At that point, it becomes achievable for us to use in the Atom.”

Ariel had already considered to use Honda’s other hybrid powertrains in the Atom but didn’t because they were deemed not powerful enough for the character of their models. “Obviously, for Honda it’s more about emissions, but for us it’s mostly a performance thing.”

How about an all-electric version of the Atom? Well, Saunders says that this would make a lot of sense. “I think Atom will move with the times,” he said. As for the greater future plans of the company, Saunders wants Ariel to expand into other segments too.

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