Formula 1 Is Crap Right Now, Says Bernie Ecclestone

Competition at the top is an issue in Formula 1, but apparently the boss demands things to changes ASAP!

Bernie Ecclestone is not the kind of person to beat around the bush and never hesitates to voice his opinion out loud. Always has, always will .

In fact, Autoweek reports that, in a recent interview with Motorsport, he was adamant that some changes are due in the sport, and he would like to see them implemented as soon as possible.

“The problem is, I see things as they are and not the way I want them to be. Do you think it’s right when Fernando Alonso – you’ve probably heard of him, he’s a former world champion — is at the back of the starting grid? Is it right that a driver changes his engine, qualifies in third place and then has to start from 13th? Is that right?

Bernie being Bernie, he wouldn’t stop there.

“Formula One is crap. Right now, we need to look at these things. The public has no understanding for that. They watch the race, know that someone has qualified second or third but is now suddenly starting from the middle of the grid. Why? Because they’ve changed their engine. Or their gearbox. We can solve this problem, but we can’t wait several years.”

From our point of view, this is just one of many problems that need to be fixed. Sadly, we have at least one season ahead of us before we see any major rule changes in F1.

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