First Onboard Footage Of New Honda Civic Type-R Around Slovakiaring

I was honestly a bit disappointed by my first video impression of the new Honda Civic Type-R. The footage posted below features the new turbocharged hot hatch around the Slovakiaring track, and while it may be fast and smooth, the savage high-end bark of old Type-Rs is gone.

It was obviously predictable that this was going to happen, but it’s a bit too flat-sounding in the video… It may be the audio quality messing up the experience, but I don’t think it’s that.

In our own test of the hot Civic, we noted that the engine’s free-revving nature is unmatched in the class, but an exciting noise it does not make.

Maybe some kind of trick exhaust will cure that, or, dare I say it, a resonator like the Ford Focus ST has?

Scroll down have and have a listen for yourself below; we also found what we believe is the first video review to go live, courtesy of Inside Lane, and the car does sound a bit better in it.

Via PistonHeads, L’Argus

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